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Travelling through Japan, I met many Japanese who aspired to feel free, to shape their lives and to live their dreams. But their stories showed parallel traits and revealed a clear pattern: they were dissatisfied with Japan’s social rules.


In the book Japan’s Next Leaders these people have been given a voice.

On this website, the readers of Japan's Next Leaders are invited to share their views about the future of Japan.

How do we create societies where people love to live?

Joyful people living purposeful lives
become creative people
who build inclusive and flourishing organizations and societies.

But how do we get there? 

Intriguing and inspirational, Japan’s Next Leaders is an outsider’s view on the importance of modern leadership in Japan.

Buy the paperback or e-book here. Available in English and Japanese. 

Ask yourself:


Where do you want Japan to evolve toward?

What role are you already playing?

What role would you like to play?

Share your vision of Japan 2021!

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